On David Hundeyin’s Cornflakes for Jihad

Newsweek 29 April 1991

“It is suggested that means of encouraging a close association of Fulani and farmers are likely to lead to quicker and more widespread benefits than efforts to settle Fulani on mixed farming on a large scale.

For this reason, investigations are being made into the adequacy of Burtali, Mashelari, and grazing grounds as well as the causes of conflict between the two interests.

I should grateful for your views and those of the native administration on the partial remission of Jangali for those herds that spend a specified period say two or three months krasled on farmland during the dry season as a means of encouraging the practice.”

National Archive Kaduna “Sokoto Province Cattle Grazing File No. VNS. 7 2/3/91A”
Triumph Newspaper Kano 15 January 1990



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